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Smart technology. Supercharged data.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Crank provides a single unified platform to visualize and execute on live market data, streamline communications and drive revenue.

"...having run both large and small scale tours, the capacity to execute a tour with the capabilities of an application like Crank at your fingertips will revolutionize touring..."

– Crook Stewart | Tour Accountant & Tour Manager-CSNY-Rolling Stones-Jackson Browne 

The Ultimate Smart Hub

Crank utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to rationalize and optimize hundreds of data points directly related to the successful collaboration and execution of artist careers and concert tour dates across the entire spectrum of stakeholders.

  • Promoters
  • Venues
  • Managers
  • Agents
  • Labels
  • Artists
  • Publishers
  • PRO’s
  • Publicists
  • Writers

We call it the “Uberization” of live touring, which will soon be the industry standard as the platform revolution continues to take effect across the globe.

Crank User Interface

A Single Unified Platform

Crank provides the connection that empowers collaboration between and across all stakeholders within the industry.

Users can access information regarding artists, venues and markets, with a full interactive experience to manage their business opportunities with simplicity and scale, dramatically reducing operational costs while increasing efficiency and revenue.

Built For Us, By Us

Created and backed by record label veterans, music industry veterans and live entertainment technology experts, our team has unparalleled experience to build the ultimate platform based on their direct experience plus unprecedented access to the best in the industry.

The Crank platform was developed with direct input and feedback from industry professionals and experts such as major labels, concert promoters, agents, managers, venues, artists and others. This cooperation was instrumental in the platforms development along with validating its efficacy and value.

"I am confident that [Crank] is the future of the entertainment industry"

– Henry Rosquete | Tour Accountant for one of the most successful touring acts of all time

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